Amsterdam Gives Beer and Cigarettes to Homeless People Who Clean the Streets

" The program, started last year by the Rainbow Foundation, a private but mostly government-funded organization that helps the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics get back on their feet, is so popular that there is a long waiting list of chronic alcoholics eager to join the beer-fueled cleaning teams. In addition to beer the brand varies depending on which brewery offers the best price each member of the cleaning team gets half a packet of rolling tobacco, free lunch and 10 euros a day, or about $13.55.". The standard pay is 2 cans of beer in the morning, 2 more at lunch and finally 2 more cans at the end of the work day.- The New York Times

Interestingly enough  the concept of giving beer to alcoholic homeless people began in Canada. It is in essence a comparable situation as the one with heroine addicts who receive help through free methadone clinics.