Top 10 Largest Acting Paychecks In Hollywood History

      I will be counting down the largest acting paychecks in Hollywood history. This list will include paychecks from multiple movies of the same franchise as well as income earned from profit sharing agreements. These are the top 10 paychecks that have been disclosed, now enough talk lets get to the list.

#10: Leonardo DiCaprio – $59 million from Inception.

#9: Adam Sandler – $60 million from Anger Management.

#8: Jack Nicholson – $60 million from Batman.

#7: Harrison Ford – $65 million from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

#6: Tom Hanks – $70 million from Forest Gump.

#5: Tom Cruise – $100 million from War of the Worlds.

#4: Bruce Willis – $120 million from The Sixth Sense

#3: Johnny Depp – $185 million from Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III and IV

#2: Keanu Reeves – $262 million from The Matrix I, II and III

#1: Tom Cruise – $290 million from Mission: Impossible I, II, III and IV



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