Of the Top 30 Most Viewed Youtube Videos 29 Are Music Videos of Signed Artists (explained)

        For those who think that YouTube is the online tv channel of amateur superstars and overnight viral success stories, it may come as a surprise that 29 of the top 30 most viewed videos have been created by signed musical artists. While number 5 on the list is the only amateur video which happens to also be the only video that is not a music video. At 650,725,768 views as of February 4th 2014 "Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!"is a rare sight amongst the top of the top of Youtube videos.

The list which will be posted below helps give insight into people viewing habits and also shows that professional advertisers know exactly what they are doing. Although id like to see more amateurs reaching this coveted list im doubtful it will happen. This is because the nature of the content of top viewed videos, songs are usually played multiple times by the same user, also these artists have pre established fan bases in the millions. It is unlikely a video which is not a music video could be made in 2014 and ever reach the top 30. Although we have seen countless videos going viral overnight the fact remains how many times can someone watch a panda sneezing and still be entertained.

I present to you the list of the top 30 music YouTube videos as illustrated in this chart from Wikipedia.

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