The Rich Kids Of Instagram

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 2 years let me introduce to you the "Rich Kids Of Instagram", the term which originated on a tumblr blog by the same name is used to describe a small group of young people posing in pictures proudly displaying extravagant wealth. By extravagant I mean ridiculous overkill, it has taken instagram by storm, and is essentially a competition between these elite few. The posts usually have some things in common such as an exotic car, or bottles of Champagne, or maybe a picture of the private jet. Unsurprisingly this blog has had its fair share of  negative comments. Among the teens featured are children of celebrities, fortune 500 ceo's, heirs, royalty and many others with seemingly endless amount of money. While it may seem like a fabulous life it is most likely just a facade of good times and endless parties.

The makers of the blog have recently gotten a book deal, the book is simply called "Rich Kids Of Instagram A Novel" will be available on amazon in the summer of 2014. Also they are in talks to produce a reality tv show. Here is the current description of the book “In a world that is smaller, more connected, and more competitive than ever, where nothing is off limits, some kids are just trying to make a buck—or ten thousand. Prepare to be wowed by this saucy, compulsively readable book about the hilarious display of extravagant wealth and the teenagers who have fallen into it.”

Ill now post some of the most popular pictures from the blog, please let me know what you think of the RKOI (rich kids of instagram).



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