(Video) 16 Year Old Steals Guy Fieri's Lamborghini By Repelling Off A Roof Into A Dealership

While most 16 teen year olds are practicing driving with their parents to get their license. Max Wade of Marin County California was busy planning an exotic car heist. A heist that had him rappel down a car dealership and scales down the side of the building and into a window. Once inside he took 15 minutes looking around then breaks into a yellow lamborghini Gallardo belonging to famous Tv chef Guy Fieri. Once inside the car he drives it down from the second floor, cuts the lock on the garage and drives off.

Whats amazing is he was spotted driving around in the car for months, posing for selfies with the car and posting them on twitter. Things took a turn when Wade became jealous over a girl he liked and stalked the girl and her boyfriend and began shooting at them. They were able to escape and Wade was captured at a near by storage facility. Police also recovered the stolen Lamborghini and arsenal of weapons and plans for future crimes.